Cockatiel died

My cockatiel recently past and he was only a year old....we have no idea why and I was hoping u could tell me? We became very tired to the point he couldn't even stand without sleeping...then he kept constantly drinking water but sometimes couldn't swallow the water and would spit it back up...then I noticed throw up on my wall...then he kept pooping out this dark pink liquid....but later own began to look like blood....he was very young..and kept feeling like it was something I did...can u plz help me

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Oct 28, 2010
Linda, you were not too hard...
by: Jay

Linda, you were not too hard on this person. This person saw a progession of signs that the bird was ill. There are some signs of illness that are not real obvious, which is why you a person needs know each bird as an indiviual. Of course animals in capitity do die suddenly from accidents, and some die from medical issues that can not be cured. We had a dog that was sick, and after many vet visits passed away. We spent many times what the dog cost us, and were paying off the vet monthly for a long time, but that is what you have to do for a pet.

Oct 27, 2010
Cockatiel died
by: Linda

Okay, I'll try and be as easy on you as I possibly can while feeling very ill. Why did you not take this sick bird to an Avian Vet to be diagnosed and treated? The commitment we make to our pets is that we will feed them the best food we can afford, give them the largest cages or yards we can find and that we will provide medical services when needed.

Your bird could have lived had you taken it to an Avian Vet to be treated.

Whether or not you did or did not do something beforehand is irrelevant. Your lack of concern for his health and well being made sure he would die. He may have had something incurable, but we will never know will we?

I suggest you do not get anymore birds or other pets until you understand that when you see a sick bird or animal, it is your responsibility to take them to appropriate doctors to be diagnosed and treated.If money is a problem, lots of vets will work with you on a payment plan. Of course, you DO have to make payments as agreed or it will be the last time you are given this opportunity.

Without a necropsy, no one will ever know just what was wrong with your bird. Necropsies have to be done soon after death before body starts to break down at the cellular level or rot which is easier to understand.


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