Cockatiel doesn't want back in cage!

by Heather

Most people seem to have questions about getting their parrot out of the cage. My problem is getting him back IN. Reggie, my 'tiel is about 4 months old. He was handfed and is very friendly. I take him out 3 or 4 times a day but lately when it's time to go "back home", he will flap his wings and lightly tap me with his beak. It's not a hard bite, just enough to let me know he wants to stay out.

He does have toys he enjoys in the cage. Whenever he is out he only wants on my shoulder, rarely perching on his playstand. I don't want to make him mad at me but hate having to fight him when playtime is over.

Any advice for a first time bird owner on this matter would be most helpful.

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Jan 25, 2010
I feel your frustration :-)
by: Anonymous

I have the same problem with ours. The best way I can get her in is to put some popcorn in her dish (plain,unsalted,popped with a microwave popper from Nordic Ware) This keeps her happy while I am gone running errands or out of the room doing things. When we are going to be gone for a few hours we put a seed cake in her cage that she can munch on (also some popcorn in her dish)this way she gets to have a "treat" when she goes in. Going to bed at night does not get her a treat. She has learned what "night night" means and that she is to go to bed(we keep her out with us until around 10 or 11 when we see she is getting sleepy and crunchy) You could also give him some millet for when he goes in. I hope this help! PS: Our Yttrium STILL doesn't like going in but all this tends to help some ;-)

Editor's note: Just make sure your bird doesn't get more than 20 percent treats. If you give your bird a teaspoon of pellets, then don't give your bird a cup of treats! Your bird needs 80% pellets and no more than 20% treats.

Dec 25, 2008
Cockatiel training
by: Lori

I've never really had that problem with my tiel but try giving him a special treat each time you take him back to his cage. Maybe a small piece of milet or a peanut.

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