cockatiel ear hole

i can see my 'tiels ear hole thru his orange feathers - which seem to be quite sparse

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Sep 02, 2012
cockatiel ear hole
by: Anonymous

My african grey's feathers kinda got a bit thin over the ear, and she was scratching.

I took her to the avian vet and had tons of tests ran on her with a full exam. Turns out it was nothing more then her molting. Vet gave me some vitamins for skin and plumage to help her with her first molt.

She's doing great now.
I am not saying this is the same for your bird, however it's possible. It's also possible the bird has an ear infection, and is scratching that area due to pain.

Honestly, only an avian vet who can examine the bird physically can diagnose your bird. Please try to find a vet that specializes in birds.

Aug 31, 2012
Coclatiel ear hold showing
by: Trace

If you are saying you didn't use to be able to see the hole and now you can, then you need to find an avian vet to examine your bird in person. No Dr can tell over the Internet if your bird has a feather disease.

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