Cockatiel eggs

by Bridget
(Green River, WY, USA)

We are not positive with the results of candling the 5 cockatiel eggs which she laid. Her first egg was laid on Dec 29th, then the 31st, Jan.2, Jan4, Jan.6, and Jan 8th, a total of 5 eggs. I candled them about a week ago and just now, it has been 18 days since the first one.

They look like they are fertile but we are not positive. If they are fertile could you give us an estimate day when to expect the first one to hatch. The other reason why we think they might not be is because our male is over 20 years old (1989 is on is bandleg). A plus sign is that the eggs are still white and have not changed in any color. The air sacs seem good and one is kind of tilted. Please let me and my daughter know we are getting anxious. Thank you for your time.

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Jan 17, 2009
Cockatiel breeding & egg hatching
by: Tracie

Cockatiel eggs will hatch 18-21 days after they start nesting, usually after the last egg is laid.

There is sooooo much you need to know because lots of problems can come about with breeding. Please read the information at

For others that read this, please do not breed your birds unless you feel sure you are supposed to be a breeder and that there is a strong demand for the babies.

There are so many things that can go wrong and your birds and the babies could die. Also, there are a ton of unwanted birds already that are waiting for adoption.

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