Cockatiel Eye Problem

by Aleksandra
(Hoffman estates, IL)

I found my 11 year old cockatiel with her eye swollen and shut two weeks ago. I immediately took her to a doctor (who is an avian vet) who examined my bird thoroughly but could not diagnose anything for sure. She did mention it could be glaucoma. She prescribed Meloxicam (for pain), Tobramycin, and Flurbiprofen (both eye drops). All to be given twice a day. We went back 10 days later for a recheck exam. The doctor said although the bird seems to be opening the eye more, it actually looks worse! She said it might be a cataract, but not sure, even mentioned the eye might have to be removed, and referred me to an animal eye specialist. She also prescribed another anti-inflammatory medication (oral), in addition to the other three meds. We are scheduled to see the eye doctor this Saturday, but I'm feeling like all these visits and meds are stressing my bird more. She seems to be doing alright otherwise, eats ok, preens, flies from her cage to her kitchen area. Please advise!!!

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Jan 08, 2012
Cockatiel Eye Problem Update
by: Aleksandra

We made it into an eye specialist's office yesterday. She is pretty sure the eye problem was caused by some kind of trauma (birdie accident!) and not any other health problem, such as a tumor. The only medication she advised us to use is Flurbiprofen drops, to reduce the inflammation (twice a day). I'm relieved she is doing well otherwise, however the doc said Loony will probably not see out of that eye again. We are supposed to go in for a recheck exam in a couple of weeks.

Jan 06, 2012
Thank you :)
by: Aleksandra

Yes, the doctor I wenrt to specializes in birds and exotic animals...I wouldn't just go to a regular vet. We are scheduled to see an eye specialist tomorrow, I am anxious to see what he has to say! I will keep you posted. I'm not sure how to include a photo on here...Thank you both for your comments!!!

Jan 06, 2012
Cockatiel with swollen eye
by: The Avian Vet

In my experience birds do not get primary glaucoma and cataracts do not cause swelling.

What part is swollen? Do you have a picture? The most common cause for what you describe is conjunctivitis and sinusitis. I think that you need to see an avian specialist.

Dr B
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Jan 05, 2012
Cockatiel Eye Problem
by: Linda

Go ahead to the eye specialist because this could be some form of infection. I think the other doctor kind of jumped the gun with the eye removal thing, so see what the specialist has to say. Also ask them about continuing all the eye drops too because it may be they are doing no good at all and may actually be causing more problems. The antiflammatories are also a possible dangerous medicine without first knowing what is actually wrong here. Listen to the specialist and do as they suggest.

Let us know what the specialist says, and the best of luck in getting your bird well.


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