cockatiel flying

by Savannah
(United States)

I have just noticed that my cockatiel will flap her wings. Her wings are clipped and when she is on my shoulder her wings will flap for a minute. Is she trying to fly?

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Aug 21, 2008
your tiel
by: Anonymous

your tiels wing flapping is of a few reason.

1) making noise for your attention

2) breaking there boredom

3) staying sharp on there flying wing flappin' skillz

4) just being a snuggly lovable tiel(:

Aug 20, 2008
by: Anonymous

Tiels can fly with no wings!

Editors note: I think they mean clipped wings.

Aug 20, 2008
Cockatiel Flapping its wings
by: Kralice4u

Wing flapping has various meanings. Sometimes young Tiels (birds) will flap their wings to test them before they learn to fly. I have found that some do this as a means of exercise. Believe me, when a bird decides that it is going to fly, it will. Clipped wings means that the bird normally can not gain height in the flight, but can soar down to avoid injury of a fall. I have one Tiel whose wings are clipped and he is still able to fly short distances.

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