cockatiel foot turns out also has splayed legs

I have a 10 day old cockatiel that has splayed legs and one foot turns out to the side a little so when i put the splint on him to correct his splayed legs the one foot makes it hard for him to stand so the splayed legs cant really be corrected. Any advice or home remidies i can do for his little foot? Thanks!

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Mar 09, 2012
Splayed legs
by: Anonymous

Take your bird to a vet. Home remedies may not always work, by then the bird has grown and it would be harder to correct the leg.

If you don't have the money for a vet, then you shouldnt own a pet. I'm sorry to say it. But it's true. Birds, dog, cats... they all need vets.

Birds like dogs and cats, need to see a vet on a yearly basis.

Please find an avian vet to have your bird seen. It's not fair to the bird to go without medical treatment. :) Find an Avian Vet

If this not corrected soon, the bird will require special needs which can be more expensive in the long run, then a simple vet visit.

My Avian vet is $85 per visit. In my opinion thats pretty cheap. Considering my birds are family members. The joy they bring my kids and I - priceless. $85 is nothing compared to their happiness, by ensuring the good health of our birds.

I sincerely wish you lots of luck with your baby bird, and hope you make the right choice by taking him to an avian vet for proper treatment.

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