Cockatiel grinding Beak.

by Gemma
(St albans)

At night my cockatiel grinds her beak and after a while she will fluff up her feathers and start to go to sleep and close her eyes.
why does she make that noise with her beak?

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Aug 18, 2009
beak grinding
by: Anonymous

Our pineapple conure dose the beak grinding at night when I cuddle her right before bed.

Nov 11, 2008
Beak grinding
by: Susan L. Chandler

Parrot beaks grow just like our fingernails, beak grinding just before sleep is a sign of a content, secure bird, the grinding helps prevent overgrowth.

Sep 27, 2008
Beak grinding
by: Tracie

Hello Gemma,

This is normal behavior. When a bird is content, they will often fluff a bit and do this.

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