Cockatiel has bump on lower back

by Amy
(Ewa Beach, HI, USA)

My five year old female cockatiel recently developed a hard bump on her lower back. Her feathers are covering it so I'm not sure what it is. It's about the size of a nickel. It doesn't seem to bother her but I'm just concerned if it might be a tumor.

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Jan 19, 2014
by: Alex

It would be best to get the bird to an avian vet ASAP so that investigations can be started to find out what the lump is and what is causing it.

Lumps can be caused by:

- Fatty Tumours

- Cancerous Tumours

- Infection Sites

- Sites of Irritated Skin

- Cysts

This list is not exhaustive.

Thanks for getting in contact.

Jan 18, 2014
Cockatiel with bump on back
by: Tracie

You are correct in being concerned. It could just be a fatty tumor, but it could be an infection or a cancerous tumor or something else. The bird could be suffering, but not showing any signs because they don't usually show signs until it is too late.

Please use this Find an Avian Vet link to find an avian vet for your bird so it can be examined to determine what is wrong and what the potential treatment might be.

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