Cockatiel hit a wall

by Jill

I recently purchased another cockatiel and he accidentally flew out of the box and hit a the wall. He has a small abrasion on his head and nostril. He is singing eating and preening himself. He seems to look and acting normal. Do you think I should take him to a vet?

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Jul 27, 2009
by: Linda

Yes, every new bird needs to be taken to the vet before it comes into contact with your other birds. If that was not possible, please make an appointment and take him now.

If he shows positive for any infections, your other bird will need to come in as well, so just take this one in to make sure he is okay after his injury and make sure he is healthy all around.

Both your bird's wings need to be clipped so they cannot fly into walls, windows, toilets, boiling pots of water, etc., etc. Homes are dangerous places for birds who can fly. When you take him to vet, have the vet show you how to trim the PRIMARY FLIGHT FEATHERS ONLY. Be sure to tell vet you ONLY want the Primary feathers trimmed. Your birds will still have the ability to land softly if only the Primaries are trimmed. Some people butcher their birds by cutting up into the Secondary feathers, so PLEASE do not do this. It means the birds cannot glide to a stop and instead hit the floor hard enough to hurt themselves. Once the vet shows you how, you can do your other bird's wings with the help of someone else. Someone to hold and someone to cut will be necessary. You may wish to just have the vet do this twice a year after all flight feathers are in. It is not expensive, and the birds won't be mad at you, just at the vet!!!

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