Cockatiel huge bulge under base of tail

by Mary
(Baltimore, MD)

One of my cockatiels has a huge bulge under the base of his tail. This budge has been there for months and does not affect his eating. He is such a good little bird. I have no means of transportation to get him to the vet - so I watch my little bird continute to pull himself up to the higher perch.I started cleaned it and it looks like a form of diaper rash when the feces melts off so I put a coating of neosporin on his bottom. Any suggestions? Is this a tumor or a hernia? Any advise you can share would be appreciated.

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Jun 02, 2011
Bulge under bird's tail
by: Tracie

You have to get your bird to an avian vet if you want help. Neosporine is NEVER good to put on a bird because it is greasy and not for avian use. It can spread on their feathers and they will not be able to keep warm with greasy feathers.

You can cut small holes in a box and transport your bird to an avian vet. Vets usually take payments, so you should be able to afford to take the bird to a vet.

It is possible your bird has a tumor or a really bad infection. Your bird is likely suffering, please take the bird or give the bird to someone who will take the bird to an avian vet for help.

Please don't take my typing as harsh, I am just an advocate for your bird who can not speak. Lots of people get birds because they are "cheap" not remembering they need vet care just like dogs and cats. I didn't realize this either when I got my first bird, so I am not judging you.

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