cockatiel leg amputated

hello, last night my cockatiel had a night fright, dont know why but he lost all of his flight feathers from his left wing. He then tryed to fly out of the cage and fell to the floor and snapped his foot. We took him to the vet today and she had to amputate his foot, he is still coming around from the surgery now.

He is such a frightened bird anyway due to past owners and i was wandering will he adjust to this and how long will his flight feathers take to grow back. Im worried that loosing his feathers and half a leg in one day will be to much for him to adjust to, for balance and everything. please help. Thankyou

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Aug 12, 2015
help for injured cockteil
by: sanam

Hey there last night my cocateil got severly hurt and lost his flap... i guess its the phalanx part of the wing... what should i do as i dont have any vet around... does it re grow?? Kindly help
Desparately waiting

Editor's note: Find a GREAT breeder that DOES have a vet that treats their birds, and get the help it needs. Make sure your bird NEVER gets out of the cage unless you are in a bird safe room in the future.

Apr 27, 2010
by: Anonymous

our little bird "pepe" is still doing good. everyday he gets better and better and louder and we decided to get him a young female friend " lucky " and he likes her alot. They have 2 cages but we attached them and now Pepe likes to climb with his one leg into her cage to say hello. He is eating well and sings all morning, he still gets very tired and sleeps alot, and he has found many different positions to sleep in, but seems to be recovering well from his ordeal. We had to change his cage little by little as he dosnt like changes, we lowered his perch but he kept climbing up looking for it so we put it back were it was but a much bigger and thicker perch so its easier for him to climb along. He has started opening his wings again and rocking back and forth which he used to do b4 the accident to show off but with one leg its a little harder but he does this everyday and looks very happy. Lucky is very nice with him, she bothers sometimes but he tells her off and she settles down, he really really likes her as company. Thankyou so much for your help.

Mar 09, 2010
by: Anonymous

i would not clip his wings, as he is such a scared little bird anyway. He likes to talk and sing and dance with us but is not happy if we approach him so i will always let him fly. He has been eating a little more today and is recovering well. I cannot wait till he is singing loud again:)
Thankyou for your replys.

Mar 09, 2010
Bird with amputated leg
by: The Avian Vet

It will take up to 6 months to regrow those feathers. You should lower his perches and pad the bottom of his cage in case he falls. Birds are amazing adapters and he should be OK when his feathers regrow. I would recommend not clipping his wings.

Dr B

Mar 08, 2010
by: lisa

hello,thankyou linda for your reply. Sorry i said wrong, he has had most of his leg amputated not just the foot. He was covered at night and didnt jump out straight after the accident he just lost the feathers in the night and the next day i stupidly opened his cage for him to fly free like every other day but he obviously couldnt fly and had the fall.
He has recovered from the surgery now and is eating a little and drinking a little which is a good sign. also he is on antibiotics which we apply to his water. Today he was a little happier, talking a little but not as much as normal. so far he is doing good,i just hope he keeps getting better. we have also adjusted his cage a little to accomadate him. willkeepyou posted on how he is doing.Thankyou

Mar 07, 2010
cockatiel leg amputated
by: Linda


I've never heard of half a leg being removed, and this is going to cause all kinds of irritation and infections, so work with your Avian Vet.

Your bird's cage needs to ALWAYS BE LOCKED TIGHT AT NIGHT WHEN HE IS SLEEPING. It also needs to be covered so nothing can frighten him. There is no logical reason why the bird was able to jump out of cage and amputate foot. Make sure your bird is secure before leaving the house or going to bed.

His perches, dishes, toys and everything will need to be rearranged to accomodate his disability, and you'll just have to do what you have to do to make his life bearable.

He needs to be seen by the Avian Vet often, and if there appears to be any swelling, pus or irritation to his leg. If he stops eating, he'll need to be handfed, with a syringe 10cc size, using baby parrot handfeeding formula until he gets his appetite back. Your work is just beginning, and he needs your help in order to survive this ordeal.

I am SO sorry your little bird has to endure this, and hope he does good and can deal with this disability.


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