cockatiel losing chest feathers?

by Catherine

I have a male cockatiel, unknown age as we were given him as an adult about 7 years ago at least.
He lives with 2 females that are about 5 years old. They dont groom each other or really go near each other as the male wont let them cuddle up with him!

He seems to be quite bare on his chest, Im not sure why though. They sometimes start to grow back, but then they go again.
The females feathers are fine and in good condition.
They all eat the same and act normally.

Could it be a sign of old age?

Any help would be great :)


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May 21, 2009
from what i learned in breeding birds
by: Linda

Do the females attack him? are they happy together? if they all reside in one cage. try separating the male from the females for awhile and check up on him to see if they grow back. he could just be depressed and might be pulling them off himself or the females could be doing that to him.

Feb 23, 2009
feather plucking
by: Anonymous

Its not normal. You need to take him to an avian vet to rule out a medical problem. When my cockatiel started plucking I took her in and she had an infection. 10 days on an antibiotic and she quit. Her feathers haven't grown back yet but she isn't plucking anymore. She isn't bare but only covered in fuzzy down. A friend of mine lost her cockatiel two weeks after it started plucking.
She is heartbroken because she didn't take him to the vet. Better to be safe than sorry.

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