Cockatiel Mating

by Pamela McManus
(San Jose, California-USA)

I have 2 questions,the first one is at what age do cockatiels reach sexual maturaty?Question #2 will cockatiels only mate in a nesting box or shelter?

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Sep 29, 2008
Cockatiel sexual maturity
by: The Vet

They can produce eggs and sperm as early as 9-10 months of age. They may mate, but they generally will not lay eggs unless they have a nest box. I would recommend against putting them together because it will affect their pet quality. They will want to be with each other more than with you. When they are out of the cage separately they will scream for each other until they are together again. Plus, they may not even get along initially.

Dr. B

Sep 26, 2008
Cockatiel Mating
by: Pamela McManus

I would really like to have the vet (Dr B) answer these questions because I am inquiring for a friend & she currently has the birds in seperate cages & has no intention of breading them.

Sep 25, 2008
Cockatiel breeding questions
by: Tracie

Hello Pamela,

I am not a breeder, so I will not answer your questions but I can lead you in the right direction.

Since you obviously do not have experience breeding Cockatiels, and possibly any birds, please contact a breeder and get help from them.

You should volunteer to help them with their birds and get a bunch of experience before trying this yourself. Your female and the baby birds could die from your lack of knowledge. Even reading a book is not a replacement for hands-on experience.

There are so many things that can go wrong from egg binding to problems with the babies. Also, there are already so many unwanted birds out there, will your babies keep them from being adopted or maybe even become some of the re-homed birds?

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