Cockatiel new Babies.

(Saint Petersburg, Fl.)

I just saw in the box, 4 new eggs and an ugly lil baby, (grin). Anyway, usually when the cockatiels lay eggs and one hatches, I think she feeds and takes care of it, and if i check in a day or two, its dead. Seems to me this only happens when she has more eggs, or will actually lay more and neglect the baby? Is this right.

Its about a 15 foot long cage, 4 feet wide and 4 feet tall, several boxes and about 12 to 14 now, male and females. The avery is nice size, 7 love birds, own cage, blue head conure, rosey conure and center walk way for cleaning, feeding etc. All covered nicely. I just want to know if I should try to move her and the baby to seperate cage and leave the eggs. Help! Happens with most babie the females lay, I'm getting the idea that mating is happening, neglect because of fresh eggs, or the males are knocking off the youngsters?

Thanks. There are other eggs in boxes, I just want the baby to make it! And ues its young, real young, so dang ugly its purdy!