Cockatiel Petting

by Savvy
(United States)

Why won't my female cockatiel,Daffy, let me pet her even though she will perch on my finger and shoulder?

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Aug 03, 2011
The bird is all in control...
by: Anonymous

I really think birds have more attitude than some people. I've had my Mitzy from the day he was hatched and started hand feeding when he was two weeks old. He is truly my little baby and always wants a rub from Mommy. In fact, I find him stroking his own check when I'm too busy. He will let my boyfriend pet him and some of our friends, but he takes a while to get to know most people and trust them enough to allow a pet. Even when he does have that relationship with someone, he is quick in correcting people when the pet is not just right :) I find that the friends he allows pets from are more gentle and patient. They do not try to pet him until he bows his head. Gentle fingers and never forced. He really responds well to all of this. One thing that never gets a good response is a threatening looking finger raised above his head. Let your friend come to you first and best of luck!

Aug 19, 2008
Petting your Cockatiel
by: Tracie

Some birds never learn to like petting. My hand tame Rosey Bourke's Parakeet wants to be on me all day long, but she will NOT let me pet her.

She is so soft and I want to pet her so bad, but she just doesn't like it. LOL I get her out of the cage and get one pet off of her before she jumps to my shoulder.

Be patient, maybe someday your bird will like you to pet her, but if not you just have to accept it.

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