cockatiel pink face color

my female albino 1 1\2 year old cockatiel has a pink face nothing seems wrong with my pied male nothing strange in the cage or food!!??

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Apr 25, 2011
cockatiel pink face color
by: Linda

As Tracie said if there is nothing in the food he eats or the toys he plays with, then an avian vet is your only answer. Manzanita perches will come off red when wetted, so if this is the kind of perches you have, then the red is coming from them when they get wet.

As for bath products, none of these are to ever be sprayed near a bird's face and eyes, so hopefully that is not the problem. Birds need to be bathed in clean, filtered warm water using a clean, new plant sprayer bottle. This is the only kind of bath a bird really needs, and all the junk on the market is to hook people into buying more products. If an Avian Vet writes you a prescription for a product to be sprayed on your bird, then still it would never be close to the face and eyes. The reason for using filtered water for bathing is that the chlorine can cause extremely dry or irritated skin, so always use water that is chemical free for baths and drinking.

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Apr 25, 2011
did u bath him??
by: Anonymous

i bathed my bird with bird bath and his face turned pink. the vet told my that it was just the bird bath. if you used ecotrition bird bath spray wiht molt ease and it it the colour pink ( or is your bird bath is pink) then it is the bird bath. if you use water then you should see a vet.

hoped this helped

Apr 25, 2011
Albino cockatiel with pink face
by: Tracie

I am not sure Dr B or anyone can help with this over the Internet. Please help by answering more questions.

Did this suddenly happen?
Do you have any red colored toys?

If, like you said, there isn't anything in the food or cage to cause this, then an in person visit to an avian vet will be the only way to solve this problem.

If you could post a picture, that would be helpful.

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