cockatiel puffing up

by danielle dubuquew

my cockitel is 10 weeks old and he is playing with his toys but hes puffing up. i just got him yesturday is that normal for him to puff up?

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Mar 15, 2011
Cockatiel puffing up
by: Tracie

He is very young, you need to be careful to watch that he is eating enough. Sometimes baby birds revert back to needing to be hand fed when they leave the breeder's home. Take the bird back to the breeder right away if the bird is not eating. Carefully measure the food so you know the bird is eating. (Many people weigh their birds every day on an avian scale.)

If the bird is fluffed up all the time, then it is a sign of sickness. If the bird just takes naps and fluffs up off and on, then it is just keeping warm and comfy while sleeping.

If your breeder did NOT give you a certificate of good health showing they took it to an avian vet, then I suggest you take the bird to an avian vet for a check up. Birds should have a check up once a year. Only take the bird to an avian vet, regular cat/dog vets often accidentally kill birds.

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