cockatiel scared of new toys?

by Gemma
(St albans)

i recently got some new toys for my female cockatiel.
But, when i put them in the cage she was really scared of them.
She ran up her cage bars, she just sat there looking at them, she wouldnt go anywhere them.
Buty, after a few days she was playing with them apart from one toy which she just wouldnt play with.
it was a confetti parrot.
she was so scared of it, when i put it near her she ran or flew away from it.
I took it out of her cage.
but, still everytime i show it to her she is still scared of it.
Does anyone know why she is scared of it
And how i can get her to not be scared of it, and play with it?

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Sep 25, 2008
Bird scared of toys
by: Tracie

Hello Gemma,

Many birds get scared of new toys. You can try playing with the toy yourself next to the cage for a few days, as silly as that sounds.

You can also just put it in the cage away from their feeding, drinking and sleeping area and just let them get used to it. They will eventually figure out that it won't eat them.

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