cockatiel sexes

by Savvy
(United States)

How can I tell the sex of my lutino cockatiel. I hear that you can tell by looking at the feathers, but my cockatiels wings are clipped. Does that madder?

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Aug 16, 2008
Determining the sex of a Lutino Cockatiel
by: Kralice4u

The BEST way to tell the sex of your cockatiel is to let a vet check it for you via "Blood sample".
However; I have found that on all of my male Lutinos,the orange circles on the face are vibrant where as the female's orange circles tend to be pale.
Often times on my other cockatiels (Pearl, Pied, etc) the females tend to have a stipe pattern underneath their tails where as the males don't.
Another certainty is: If the bird lays an egg..........You guessed it, it is a female. :)

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