Cockatiel sneezed on my nose

by Aryl Bashline
(Butler, PA)

This is the second time that I have suspected that my cockatiel has given me a sinus infection. The first time, however, he didn't sneeze directly into my nose like he did the other day (when he was sitting on my chest). It seems as if he sneezes on me more than 2 times, I get sick.

My vet said that it isn't possible for that type of virus to be transmitted to humans, but I'm beginning to wonder.

My nose is itchy, I'm coughing occasionally, and I'm sneezing about three or four times a day like he does. The vet can't seem to get his nares to stay open for too long. He was on Cipro and took antibiotic nose drops but as soon as he was done taking them, it started up again in about a month. Could I have gotten this sinus infection from him?

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May 29, 2008
Cockatiel and allergies
by: Anonymous

The sneezing and coughing for me cleared up, so I think mine was an allergy to something outside. I do have allergies to trees and pollen.

Unfortunately, the bird has his sneezing and plugged up cere problems off and on. It is a very frustrating thing to hear him breathing hard because of the clogged nares. Then in a day or two it seems to clear up. He probably has sneezed out the clogged passages.

Is there anything else to do except let the vet try to unplug all of the stuff in his nose that is clogging him up? I am worried that digging around in there will hurt him, so I've put off doing it.

May 23, 2008
Virus pass from bird to human?
by: The Vet

Virus do not transmit from bird to human, but other disease-causing organisms can. For example, Chlamydophilla. You need to take your bird to see an AVIAN veterinarian and request testing for psittacosis. Then you need to go to your physician and request that they test for the same thing in you.

Have you considered that you may have allergies to your bird?

Dr B

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