cockatiel sore eyes

by michelle
(west midlands)

i recently took my 4 month old cockatiel to the vet as he had what looked like an eye infection,with some sneezing.the vet prescribed baytril for 10 days.he also suggested the possibility of chlamydia.which would need stool samples to be tested.

at the moment we are seeing if the antibiotics do the trick,but i am now worried about the possibility of it being chlamydia,which can be passed onto humans.

i also have children.what are the risks,and precautions i should take,just incase?and if the bird has chlamydia,what would the prognosis be? i aquired the bird only a month ago from a pet shop.he had a sore eye 2 days after i brought him,which cleared up,but then came back and spread to both eyes.

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Sep 01, 2016
pls help
by: Anonymous

my cockatiel is 5 years old and she has eye infection 4days back,she had red swollen watery eyes..we live in country there is no avain vet i searched in few forums and tried baytril twice a day..she is showing improvement and her eyes are half doubt is if it may b psittacosis what shal i do?if the symptom reoccurs shal i give her baytril again or doxycycline?because we dont have any med store for shal i give her doxycyline hyclate for human use?becoz im having that pls help me..our doxycycline hyclate is to treat that the one shal i give to her?her sneezing has reduced but 3 episodes thrice a day i found now..

Mar 11, 2009
vets comments
by: michelle

thankyou for your response,my birds eyes were sticking together so think the vet thought it best to treat him first rather than wait for results.but i do agree they should of now,i will be constantly watching out for the signs again! my cockatiel has shown vast improvement after 2 days so am hoping its just sinusitus.i had researched the other diseases you mentioned,and it was me who suggested the possibility to the vet.a test would still put my mind at rest though,so could i still get one done in the future?

Mar 09, 2009
Chlamydophila or psittacosis
by: The Vet

Chlamydophila or psittacosis, is certainly a disease that has these symptoms. The best thing to have done would have been to test for it before the antibiotics were given. Testing now would be futile.

The baytril has a small spectrum against Chlamydophila. If there is improvement without return to clinical signs after treatment has ended, then it is less likely that, if it were Chlamydophila, your bird would be shedding the organism. Psittacosis is treatable, and the drug of choice is Doxycycline.

Dr B

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