cockatiel starter bird?

by lauren
(idaho falls id usa)

is a cockatiel a good starter bird?

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Nov 16, 2011
A good starter bird
by: Tracie

It certainly could be! But, have you read all about caring for birds?

Are you prepared for all the noise, bird dander, feathers everywhere etc.?

Do you have the funds to Find an Avian Vet to examine your bird before bringing it home, to make sure it is healthy and for checkups and emergencies? They are just like kids, they get sick and need medical attention.

Do you not only have the time now to spend with the bird, but for all the years the bird may live?

Does everyone in the home want a bird and this type of bird? If people hate the bird noise, the mess etc., then eventually you will not enjoy the bird because of the stress it brings to the home.

Can you afford to spend the money for high quality pellets, so that your bird will live a long healthy life? Colored pellets and cheap pellets that are full of sugar and chemicals will cause health issues in birds. You should feed your bird either Harrison's or Roudybush pellets if possible.

I am not trying to discourage your getting the bird, just wanting to make sure you have studied and planned ahead.

Just this week I found out someone gave a friend of mine a bird. This lady always wanted a bird and so they thought they would bless her with her wish come true.

It has only been a week and the bird is driving her and her family crazy! The mess, the time to clean keep the cage clean etc. Neither she nor her family were ready for a bird, it was a mistake.

So, if you have done your research and have the funds to care for this bird, then go for it! Cockatiels are often fun, sweet birds.

I suggest you spend time with several birds at the breeder and take home the bird that you connect with, don't pick the bird that has the looks you want. You will be happier with a bird that likes you and you feel a connection with.

If the breeder doesn't take their birds to an avian vet, that find another breeder. You can find this out by simply asking the breeder who their avian vet is, because you want to keep their name and number on your fridge for emergencies. If they don't know, then run far, far away from that place.

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