pearled cockatiel

by Emma
(st albans)

I have a pearled cockatiel,
she is 18 weeks old.
Her name is passion :)
She loves to eat apples and she will do anything for them.
She will fly to you if you show her a piece of apple.
She also likes to eat sunflower seeds, millet Spray, and honey sticks.
She isnt really a one person bird as she will go with everyone really.
But sometimes she will fly to who she prefers.
She loves having her head stroked and she will play with your fingers to get you to stroke her head.
You can tell when she wants to come out of her cage as she will run up and down her perch squeaking and biting the lock.
I like living with my cockatiel because she is very friendly and will never bite you.
She tweets happily through the house and is always entertaining.
She was born sometime in april.
i have had her for 6 Weeks but we all already love her so much.
She likes being Held so she can see out the window and loves to be cuddled and stroked.
She also loves getting attention and whenever someone goes in or out of the room she squeaks.
my bird isnt really loud but she does like to whistle.

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Our LUCKY Find.

by April Shelton
(Marietta, South Carolina)

Lucky hanging out with my husband.

Lucky hanging out with my husband.

While my husband was off a break from work he decided to take a turn down a road he had never been down before. It was there in the middle of that road he found a cockatiel.

I knew something was up when my husband showed up at the house at 12 in the afternoon and then he just sat in the driveway and would not get out of his truck. After about 5 minutes of my husband just sitting in the truck I went out to see what was going on. He said to me, with a window only cracked down a little to talk. GET THIS!!!! Get what? I said. Get this bird!! As soon as I saw him I cried. I had a tiel when I was young and after the death of him I never got another.

Hubby say's again PLEASE GET HIM! I reach in and grab him gently and he locked his beak down on my finger and would not let go. I held on till I got into the house. I had to put him in one of my plastic dog kennels for the moment. Hubby looked at me and gave me the money to go buy a proper cage for our little found friend.

I quickly went to my fav. pet store and got a nice cage for him. Then I found out the pet store was going out of biz. I looked around and then saw a blue baby parakeet in a fish tank with no perches or water or food. So I bought him to save him too and ended up buying a second cage as well. OOPPPPSSSS LOL!!

I got the cockatiel and the parakeet settled in. Then I started looking for the owner of this tiel which was in bad shape. He was dehydrated and amaciated. He would not chirp or anything for the first 3 days, all he did was sleep.

I was very concerned so I took him to the vet. He was ok he just needed some TLC! Which he get's plenty of. I have posted flyers about the bird and posted adds in the paper about finding him. No one ever turned up to claim him. About two weeks after we found our tiel someone else in about the same area placed an add that they too had found a tiel. I called the number and they too had no luck in finding a owner. It has been suggested that since one of those pet chain stores is near by the area the tiels were found, that maybe they FLEW THE COOP so to say. Looking in some of those stores I CAN'T SAY AS I BLAME THEM FOR IT!!!

The cockatiel we found we decided to name Lucky. For indeed it was lucky that he was found by my husband who realized this was not your normal bird. Lucky was WILD as a buck when we first got him. He would bite and screech at you to BACK OFF!!! I gently worked with him EVERY DAY! The baby parakeet too was worked with every day. Shockingly the keet made faster progress than the tiel did lol.

It took me about one month to get Lucky to come out of the cage and to STEP UP. Now he is my best buddy. When Lucky did start chirping and making noises it was only noises or words we had said around him. Which leads me to believe he is a young fellow.

Hubby got the bright idea that both the keet and the tiel were lonely. So you guessed it one weekend I bought another baby parakeet to be a cage mate to my little blue guy Powder. You should see those two they act more like love birds.

Then a week after that I found a great bird breeder who had a clutch of cockatiels ready for a home. So off we go to look, and one just stole my heart right away. She was all over her cage playing with any and everything. We bought her and brought her home and named her Piper.

Let me tell you they say female tiel's do not sing much THAT IS WRONG!! Piper sing's and is trying to talk and will do so all day to get attention. Of course I first took the new birds to the vet and I did the 30 day seperation from the other birds just in case of hiden illness.

My husband built a huge cage for the cockatiel's which they LOVE! Lucky and Piper do have tiffs every once in a while but Piper has already shown Lucky she is not putting up with his junk. As far as the keet's go they got a huge Tower cage. I had two of the big round cages and just took the bottom off one and the top off the other and made one huge round cage for them. They are in keet heaven.

I must add if you do plan to build a cage for your birds it is important that you use pine NONE TREATED wood!!! And it is also better not to use galvanized fencing either. I also suggest if you build a big cage put wheels on it so you can take you feathered friends out for sunshine and fresh air or to just move them room to room.

Considering that my husband told me I would NEVER be allowed to have a pet bird he sure has fallen in love with the 4 that we now have LOL!! They are a source of constant joy and entertainment. Matter of fact every time the country song I'M A LUCKY MAN comes on the Lucky bird bobs his head as if he is dancing to it. I think he knows he is a lucky bird for sure.

After two months no one has come forth to claim him. I think it is too late for anyone to try to take him now. He seem's to think I am his mate and is not so attached to Piper as a mate YET LOL! I figure once they both reach sexual maturity he will see Piper in a new way. Don't ya think;)?

I had been told that if you do not handle a bird when it is a baby it can not be tamed. I bet they feel kinda silly now seeing Lucky sitting on my shoulder, cleaning my feather's (hair), and singing his little heart out to me.

You know what I think it is not the bird that is the lucky one!!! WE ARE THE LUCKY ONES! The good Lord sure knew what he was doing that day. You see I had just lost two puppy's to parvo. My only two puppy's. I was in a deep depression when my husband found that bird. By no means was it a replacement for the puppy's, but more like an angel is disguise!

So there is the story of my lucky find. I hope it will encourage and help other's. Just like dogs no bird is too old to learn new trick's. Lucky might not have been my baby at first, but you just try to tell him that now;)!

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"I'm a feathered-human with wings"

by Ingrid Zsanett SZABÓ
(Budapest, Hungary, Europe)

Hi Everybody! I'm a 4-year-old male cocatiel, my name is Tito, correctly pronounced in cocatielish: "Tiii-to". I live in Gyõr, in Hungary, Central Europe with my three "girls": the Granny who is quite greedy with her breakfast but after that invites me for a hearty fruit peel meal; Mum whom I'm in deep love with, but who is sometimes very reluctant to let me cuddle to her because she is always busy with household jobs; and Ingrid, the human-cocatiel without feathers and wings who is my younger love, who speaks a little cocatielish and seems to understand me, who likes carrying me on her head and who always invites me for some food and who just loves cuddling with me; Benji the Predator (Tibet Terrier dog) who is my fierce enemy and always asks my Girls "Shall I finally catch him and shall we finally eat him for dinner?" Of course, Benji is in love with three of them, no doubt, so he must be jealous of this Feathered-Star, - who is me, - I guess.

Since my mission is to make my beloved ones laugh, I have to do my best to attract their attention, come hell or high water, even risking my life (it isn't worth living without fun, is it?): I often start eating Ingrid's small cactus; I sit on the kitchen gas 'cause I'm dazzled by that curious vibrating bluish-yellow things which seem to be hot (but I can never taste them because all my Girls just yell at me and immediately I am taken away by force); I'd love to play with Benji so I fly down on the floor waiting for the attempts of that bunch of fury-furious critter to catch me... or, I just pot on the dog when he is lying beneath to let him know my true opinion of his stupid Ewok-look (natives of the Endor Moon from Star Wars)head...

I think recently my relationship with Mum is getting very serious, I asked her to marry me plenty of time but she seems to ignore my several afternoon-concertos given to her on the corridor perch. I am desasperate now 'cause she does not want to move with me to my new nest either: to the TOASTER! Let me extend you guys an invitation to my perfomances available in youtube "Tito: the Clown of the Kitchen Table (" or "Tito's Spring Amourous Aria to Mum on the kitchen door (" or "Cuddling with Ingrid (".

I've become an international Star now. But the most important thing for me is, that Mum loves me more and more, she just does not scream anymore when I'm executing my daily scary-suprise kamikaze flight operations in the kithcen and she is very tame now: sometimes scratches my head!

Guys, can you help me solve my dilemma: Am I really a "Crested Witch" (as Granny calls me), a human with feathers and wings, OR are my three loves some rare featherless and wingless cocatiels????

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Cockatiel Picture / Story

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Kiss to Granny

by Ingrid Zsanett SZABÓ
(Budapest, Hungary, Europe)

Cockatiel with Granny

Cockatiel with Granny

Granny is one of my loves.

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my babies by joanne karasan

by joanne karasan
(london england)

hi there! i have 4 birds. i have 1 male cockatiel called honey hes so adorable. and 1 eastern rosella called charlie he only likes women not men so hes a bit of a flirt! i also have 2 budgies 1 male called sonnny and 1 baby female i called summer. charlie honey and sonny were unwanted pets so i rehomed them but summer i got from a pet shop. they were also very cruelly neglected but with my love and care and patience i have got them 2 love life again. my theory is pets not just birds are for life if you dont have the time or patience for them dont have them. i love my little flock.

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by Samantha
(United States)

I have a beautiful yellow cockaitel. He is sooo cute. I got him from a pet store. He was untame, but I tamed him right up! I love him so much! He will step up on my finger and try eating my foods! I am not sure of the gender yet, but I love her so much! She keeps jumping on the key board so I gotta go! Bye!

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Pachu,Not JUST a Cockatiel

by Kelsang

Pachu was a cockatiel.I named Pachu because Pa=Patches of his feather colors and chu=Pikachu's red cheeks. (Pikachu is a pokemon)He was also pied, that mean that he had irregular patches on his body.

I got him on my 12th B-Day. He was the Most Perfect and sweetest cockatiel there. When he saw me, He sat right next to me and looked right into my eyes. That was the connection.

After a month of trust building, we became inseperable.I taught him how to whistle and other tricks.When I gave him a small ball with holes,he would throw it behind him.He was so CUTE!

He followed me around by not flying, but running on his 1-2 inch legs!He trusted me enough to let me preen his feathers. He was a cockatiel and had a tiny mohawk that he let me preen too.He would always close his eyes when He was feeling relaxed by me preening him.

Then one day Pachu Died.It was 6:30am when I got up to be ready for school and I found him limp but alive. I wrapped him in a towel to keep him warm.The Pet Hosp didn't open till 9:00 am and I left for school at 7:30 for the school bus. So after like 1:00 pm, I called my mom about Tennis Practice when she told me that Pachu had died. He died at 7:35am. Right when I left. I guessed that he waited till I told him that I had to go and be strong, and then I guess he let go.

I Cried. I cried in school, I was comferted by friends and teachers but I knew that wouldn't bring my best friend back. I still cry.I cry when I wake up from a dream that has Pachu in it. I cry when I hear the song "When Your Gone" He was 2-6 months old when he died. He was a baby.

I am not a bad owner. Birds have a tendency to hide their illnesess. I gave him a varied diet. I spent time with him.I Loved him. Sometimes life gives you a bucket of misery. But I know that someday that I WILL be with him. We WILL Reunite someday and We WILL be together once more.
My Wisdom for ALL Pets

Get off the Computer or laptop (WHATEVER!) and spend time with your pets

Relish the time your pet lives.A decade,a year,a month,a hour, a minute, a second.Someday You will give anything to be with them once more. Trust me, I will do anything to be with Pachu,I would do anything from thousands of dollars to surgicaly removing a body part

Cherish Your Life with your loved ones

Pachu For EVER!

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New Cockatiel!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Savannah
(United States)

I just got a new lutino cockatiel about a week ago. I have never owned one so this will be my first time! I named her Daffy. She is about 4 months old, I think. At least that was what the pet store people said.

I got Daffy untamed and now she will step up on my finger. Daffy doesn't like to be petted, but my bond is growing with her everyday. Since her wings are clipped she loves to go outside and run around in the grass. (Editor's note: Birds that have clipped wings can still get caught up in a breeze and "fly" away and never be seen again.)

She loves to play with our small dogs(one a peek-a-poo and the other a maltese mix). I watch her very carefully though because she thinks she is as big as them! (Editor's note: If you do this, you may one day watch your bird get bit or stepped on and die.) One other thing that she loves to do is sit on my shoulder when I do everyday life.

Since I am 14 and home-schooled I have the whole day for her. Daffy is not the 'cuddly bird' but that may change soon! Daffy not only likes me but likes everyone too!

She will make a mess with food but I have pellets in one dish and fruit and vegatables in the other, and of course fresh water. Daffy loves to eat millet, though, so now I use it also for treats when she behaves well, like stepping up.

I heard that female cockatiels dont talk much, but I do hear chirps and noises coming from her. Daffy also will talk to my sisters english budgies and they will talk back. Daffy is not loud though.

I love living with Daffy, she is so funny, like when she wants to come out she will go by the door and run back and forth along it. I spend a lot of my day talking and playing with my cockatiel and she is sooo happy so who ever gets a cockatiel should have plenty of time for him/her.

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Ash the Cockatiel

by Cara

Ash during a taming session. I actually took off the gloves I use to tame him!

Ash during a taming session. I actually took off the gloves I use to tame him!

Once my parakeet CC died, I decided to get a new type of bird. I always loved tiels and heard about their easy train ability and how loving they were. So I went to a pet store and immediately fell in love with a white-faced tiel. We took him home and I started bonding with him. He ended up getting the name Ash, due to his color.

I had started taming Ash, but I stupidly stopped. Now he's mean and bitey but he's getting better now that I'm taming him again. He's really a sweet bird and if I can sneak past him he enjoys his head being rubbed as all tiels do.

Ash, though not very hand friendly, loves talking to me. He'll greet me or tweet a few goodbyes to me whenever I enter or leave the room. He can say my name, birdie, meow, thank you (which he says a lot when being fed), and a few other things along with imitating the microwave, the oven (his favorite thing to imitate), a squeaky toy, and a few other things.

He loves playing with cat jingle balls! He'll pick a ball up and climb up his ladder then drop it and do it all over again. It's funny watching him do it.

He loves sunflower seeds and millet spray. I can't find any other treats he'll eat except a slice of apple on occasion and it has to be from a certain type of pie that we bought.

Overall, life with Ash is fun and exciting. He loves flying around the bathroom and talking to me from the curtain rod while in training/taming sessions and loves talking to himself in the bathroom mirror.

The mirror/perch in his cage which he loved to death finally broke a few days ago and he looks so sad now and sleeps on top of his food and water dishes even though we got him a new mirror (different type though).

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