Cockatiel training

by Lauren
(Queensland, aus)

Hi, how do I train my cockatiel, nibblah, (8 month old male) to not so needie towards me and my partner? He is fine with other people but will just squark like crazy when we walk past his cage or when ever he can hear or see us... It is becoming noisy that it is waking people up early hours of the morning.. He never use to be so bad but it is getting worse... Also I have notice that he is very over weight, his wing was clipped before we bought him and it has never grown back, so therefore he can not fly... Any suggestions on excercise as he is not very active.... At all!

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Apr 10, 2013
by: Alex

I Agree with the comment below about pellets.

The ones that are organic and not covered in colours and sugars and also avian vet recommended are Harrison's.

Apr 09, 2013
Needy cockatiel
by: Anonymous

You and your partner are the birds' family now and he wants to be part of the flock. Birds are very social in the wild and when we as humans take over, we become their family. The bird sqwawks because it wants your attention. Try to bring the cage into the room you are in while watching TV or relaxing. As long as the bird is part of what you are doing, the noise will die down. Are you covering the cage at night? All birds need at least 10 to 12 hours of sleep/rest.

You did not say what you are feeding your bird. A proper diet should consist of 80 percent pellets (formulated for your type of bird) and 20 percent seeds, fresh fruit and veggies. If your bird is on an all seed diet (especially sunflower seeds) that is the reason why it's overweight. Seeds are full of fat and not much nutrition. To introduce pellets you can start mixing a little with the seeds and then increase the amount of pellets and decrease the amount of seeds until it's all pellets. Save the seeds as a special treat. You might also want to purchase a play gym for your bird so it can play and get some exercise while out of the cage.

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