cockatiel with lumps on face

by Sarah

my bird has suddenly appeared with 2lumps on either side of its beak under it eyes there has been no changes in the birds lifestyle and it shares a cage and the other cocatiels do not show the same thing the lumps are hard to touch and the bird doesnt seem to be in pain when they are touched...

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Nov 30, 2009
Lumps on bird's face
by: The Vet

Only the bare-eyed cockatoo should have lumps like this. These lumps are abnormal and should be looked at. It is most likely a sinus infection.

Dr B

Nov 29, 2009
cockatiel with lumps on face
by: Linda

GooDay Australia and thanks for writing!

Though these lumps could be fatty tumors and not harmful, they could also be cancerous, so please take bird to an Avian Vet and have them examine the lumps and possibly draw out some fluid or tissue to look at under a microscope.

Your birds need to changed over to an organic, high quality pelleted diet if they are not presently on one. All seed diets are high in fat and low in nutrition. The fatty tumors come from birds getting fat deposits on their bodies from too much fat in diet. If this is what vet tells you they are, then you will need to slowly change them all over to one of the organic pellets Tracie has out here. I recommend Harrison's because I've fed it to my Amazons for many years, and they are healthy, happy and have great color. The other organic ones are good as well, so you get to make a choice for your bird's better health.

Let us know what the Avian vet has to say about the lumps as what you find out can help someone else out here. Thanks again for writing,

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