cockatiel with sores under wings

by Mrs Morrison

I recently took in a 12 year old cockatiel as his elderly owner had gone into a home. I had hoped he would settle in my aviary with my other cockatiels but unfortunately he is unable to fly at present as he has open sores under both wings.

He had feather plucked before I got him and has a bald chest and legs but some feathers are now growing back and he doesn't appear to be plucking any more. I took him to my vet who prescriped antibiotics by beak for 6 days and iodine swabs for 6 days also.

The wings were still sore so I took him back but my vet didn't have anything else to treat him with. We discussed treatment and I said I would try to find something to dry the wounds. Since then I have been treating the wounds daily with an antibiotic powder for small animals (I have done this for one week).

One wound seems dryer but is still yellow and the other just looks open almost like torn skin but does not look infected. He doesn't seem to be pecking at the wounds. Do you have any suggestions of how I can further treat him? He is currently in a cage in the aviary and I get him out every day but as he cannot fly I cannot leave him out.

I am giving him all sorts of foods to try; he is not interested in any veg or fruit; he loves millet but only eats small amounts of the mixed seed. Your advice would be appreciated.

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Apr 06, 2017
Missing nare
by: Anonymous

Hi my daughter have a sun conure (12weeks)but we just notice that he just have one nare open the other one look like close like was never form he seems normal but I don't know if I need to take him to the vet some one please help me

Mar 30, 2009
Cockatiel with sores under wings
by: The Vet

These cases are very difficult to treat. The most important step is to get him to eat better. Harrison's pellets is the only thing I recommend. But if you can get him to eat a good birdie bread with some Avi-x Sunshine factor, this will help.

You also need to find an avian veterinarian that has experience with this problem. There are a couple of topicals I use. One is an over the counter called Avi-x Soother Plus and the other is a Rx called Pyoben Gel. These are what I have found that work. In addition, the wound may need to be surgically debrided and cleaned to get a good healthy bed of granulation tissue.

This is really a problem for an experienced avian veterinarian to manage. He will need regular rechecks to monitor progress. I also recommend that you keep him separate from your other birds ? 1) because he may be contagious, and 2) other birds may pick on him if they recognize that he is sick.

Dr B

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