Cockatiel with swolen, milky, mucouy eye

by Candice
(Vancouver Island)

I noticed today that my 15 yr old tiel umour was keeping her left eye closed all day, and this evening when she opened it noticed that it was swollen and milky. I am going to take her to the vet asap but he is closed until monday and today is saturday. What can I do to help her in the mean time, other than keeping it warm and humid in her room?


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Oct 06, 2009
Sick Cockie
by: Linda

Hi there, and sorry your little bird is sick! As Tracie said, you are doing what you can, and I just wanted to add a thing or two to that.

Sick birds need to be kept at around 80-85 degrees F, and you can put cage on top of a heating pad if you are there to watch it and make sure it does not short out or whatever. Partially cover her cage with a towel or sheet making sure top is covered and leaving some open halfway down and the bottom so she gets good air circulation.

LEAVE OFF THE HUMIDIFIER AS THEY CAN AND DO GIVE BIRDS PNEUMONIA. Just leave it off and right now do not worry about moisture or take a large tray, add some small rocks and cover with water and let it evaporate naturally to add moisure to the room. The Humidifiers are very bad for birds, and the natural evaporation would work better for her. Be sure to be around while the heating pad is operating. Another thing you can do is to use masking tape to tape it to one side of cage so if bird gets too warm, she can move to the other unheated side. A cover over the cage will help keep her cozy, so put the heating pad on about a medium heat. You can use an outside, inside thermometer to monitor heat or just check it to see if warm under there. Sick birds lose body heat quickly, and need to be kept warm and dry.


Oct 05, 2009
Cockatiel with swollen eye
by: Tracie

If there is not a vet available until Monday, then you are doing the best you can. I hope everything turns out okay.

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