Cockatiel with unusal bubble like lumps

Sparky; our 16 yr old cockatiel has unusual bubble like lumps at the back of her neck, they do not appear to be filled with anything other than air and literally look like bubbles made from a thin layer of skin. I can see veins in the skin of these bubbles. She does not appear to be in any pain she is eating drinking and exercising as normal.

Until I looked at this page I thought that 16 was quite an old age for a cockatiel but fom reading other comments I can see that she is actually still quite young. Sparky has had these for at least a couple of weeks. Do you have any idea what these could be?

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Nov 08, 2010
Cockateil with inflated air sac
by: The Avian Vet

My cockatiel is 22 and doing very well. I have cockatiel patients who are over 25 and as old as 28 and doing fine. The average I see though is 17-18. What you are describing is an inflated air sac. It is not normal and the cause needs to be determined. It may be a rupture air sac, or infection, or caused by trauma (like flying into a ceiling fan). Go see an avian veterinarian soon.

Dr B

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