by louise

im going away for 3 days and im not sure if i should let my sister come and check on him couple times or take him to her house,hes only nearly 4 months old so i dont want to distress him

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Mar 28, 2011
by: Linda

Take him, his food, cage, his toys, dishes and cage cover if he has one and take him to your sister's for the time you are away. First of all, he will be in danger if left all alone even for 3 days. Secondly, he will be extremely lonely.

If your sister has other pets, make sure she keeps him inside his cage for the entire time he is at her home. Make sure his cage is in a safe place where no small children or pets can get to him. He will be uneasy in this situation for a bit and then will be okay if her home is a peaceful one and someone is home during the day.

If that will not work, then find an Avian Vet in your area to either board your bird with or get a recommendation for someone to leave him with. Always get recommendations for bird sitters and take bird over yourself and meet them and see how other birds are being kept and where.

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