Cockatiels - adding another one

I have a 2 year old cockatiel and I have been wanting to get him a friend for awhile but I have only been able to find cockatiels that are young is it ok to put a young one with an older one? and does it matter about the sex?

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Jul 18, 2011
Cockatiels - adding another one
by: Linda

Adding another Cockie of either sex is okay, but you cannot put them together in cage until you see how they are going to react to each other. You'll need another cage for the new bird, and anytime they are outside cage, you'll have to be right there to break up any fights. Everything may be okay in time, but it is never a good idea to put two strange birds together in the same cage.

I'd give it a good 6 months or more, and this is if there is NO fighting at all, not even getting grumpy with each other.

The other issue is when and if they are put together in a cage, the cage will have to be at least 2 times larger if not 4 times with separate feeding and watering cups for both. Manufacturers give people the minimum size cage for one bird, and these minimums are not nearly large enough for even the one bird. Always add 2 to 3 times suggested size to it for one bird and then add twice that for two birds. We had pairs of Cockatiels in 4 foot square cages, and they did okay, but anything smaller will result in fighting sometimes to the death.

Also, take new bird to Avian Vet BEFORE bringing it into your home. All pet store birds are already either showing signs of infection or are incubating one and this also includes most breeder birds as well. In pet stores, putting all these birds from everywhere together means infections for all the birds. Birds get used to some gram negative bacteria in their own environments, and when they are thrown together with birds from all over, is when they become positive for bacterial or viral infections.

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