Cockatiel's down feathers clumped together?

by Elise

Hello, I have a male cockatiel (age unknown) who's been with our family for a little over a week now. A couple hours ago, I noticed that he had a clump of down feathers on his back. Many of the feathers were already out of his body, but remained on him because the clump was attached to one of his body feathers. I removed the clump by gently pulling it off his back, and I noticed that all the feathers in the clump were connected by a small thing that I think was a scab.

He does not seem to be in pain, nor can I see any blood around his body. Was it wrong to pull the clump off, and should I be concerned about my bird?

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Sep 16, 2013
Feathers clumped together in a scab
by: Tracie

Without an exam, it is impossible to say what caused this. It is possible that the bird was injured before you got it, and the injury has healed and you just pulled off the old feathers.

From your description, it sounds possible that the bird is missing more feathers though, and that could be a sign of disease or infection.

Please have your bird examined by an avian vet to determine if the bird is healthy, if the breeder you purchased from did not give you a well bird certificate showing the bird has already been examined by an avian vet.

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