Cockatiel's Irritated Wing

by Erin

I posted a message about 3 weeks back concerning my cockatiel's wing. He had a small area on the tip of his wing that he continually picked at, in which a picture was posted as well. Since then I met with my avian vet who only suggested a biopsy of the area, which was priced extremely unreasonable(although I would like a 2nd opinion, I found that the next vet is ~4 hrs away) My vet finally suggested that I could put my cockatiel on Metacam to reduce the swelling of his wing that she felt during his exam. However, he's been taking that for about 10 days now and no significant change has occured(the swelling isn't visible but can be easily felt when comparing the wings). Fortunately, his feathers have grown back in this area, but I can tell that his wing is still irritating him at times. He also contains a very small pustule in that area of his affected wing that will occasionally open up, in which case it leaks some yellowish fluid that I see dried up on his feathers. My next step is to put him on antiobiotics to see if any postive changes come about. After doing some research I thought it might be possible that he has an ingrown feather. I'm going to call my vet again on Monday to see if she thinks that may be a possibilty, and also to see if she thinks antiobiotics would truly make a difference at this point. However, I would also very much like to hear your opinion on this matter, as I really want to get to the bottom of this without putting my senior cockatiel through a serious surgery. Thanks so much in advance!

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Jul 14, 2008
Cockatiel's Wing
by: The Vet

I certainly believe that antibiotics should be administered. However, I am still convinced that this is a xanthoma. (please remember that I have not had the advantage of examining your bird, though.) Have you been able to switch your bird to Harrison's High Potency Pellets? This can help with xanthomas.

Dr B

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