Cockatiels lame foot

by Keith
(Phoenix AZ)

Our 4 yr (single)old tiel Misty laid several eggs within the last two weeks and as I always do I built her a little cardboard home for her to be alone with her eggs. She would come out to eat as she always does. Then one day she came out limping, her right foot seemed to be bothering her.

I felt whatever happened her laying on the eggs might be making it worse, so I removed her cardboard home and the eggs. Its been several days now and the limp is still there. When she sits on my finger her right foot doesn't grab firmly like her left one. She is also night quite as playful (which I feel is more related to me taking away her eggs).

Any ideas about her foot, we've had birds before (including Misty) who have laid many an egg but never any that came up lame later after sitting on those eggs. Could it have been how she was sitting on her eggs? Thanks ahead of time for any info or advice you can give.


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Apr 05, 2009
Cockatiel with lame foot
by: The Vet

This is common in egg laying birds. It is likely due to pressure on a nerve from the eggs or the ovary. You need to take her in to be examined and x-rayed. Treatments can be administered and she should recover. But, do not delay. Taker her in tomorrow if you can.

Dr. B

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