Cockatiels Lila and Lilac!

by Vane Cortez
(Maywood, Ca)

My cockatiels laid 10 eggs but only 4 hatched. well two of the little bird were fluffed with yellow and the other two were fluffy with white that means they will be white faced. the parents didn't want the two little white ones. the night the smallest white one was born I saw she was separate from her mama, so I let it be, I came back the next morning and the baby was in the same place except the other white one that was 4 days older was there with her, this worried me so I took them into my room and put them under my study lamp and in a little box with a small stuffed animal so they could cuddle with and think it was its mama.

I hand fed them for 2 weeks straight, I would wake up every 2 hours to feed them even though I was tired because I had my final exams for high school that week I didn't care. after they grew a bit and I thought they were strong enough to go back with their mama I put them back, I would hand feed them three times a day before I would go to school and come back and before I went to sleep. 5 months later my girls have grown up into the most beautiful birds in the world and they whistle and ride around on my shoulder all day. I'm glad I could be able to save their lives, and have them be a part of my family.

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Aug 10, 2013
Well Done
by: Alex

Wow, even though you had exams, you showed so much compassion and cared for the "runt" of the clutch.

I am so happy to hear that all the birds are doing well.

We need more people like you in the world.

WELL DONE! (gives you pat on the back)

Aug 09, 2013
cocktiels Lila and Lilac!
by: Anonymous

You are a very special person to be able to raise orphans. Your little birds a blessed. Please post pictures!

Aug 09, 2013
by: Anonymous

What, no pictures?

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