Cockatiel's nail

by Jackie

Hi. I have a male tiel (4) whose nail seems to have broken and does not grow back. The nail is still there. It also points upward slightly. It has been this way for several months and has not yet resolved. What could be going on? If it helps at all-I have 2 more tiles in the same flight cage-both healthy. They are all on a natural pellet diet. Thanks.

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Oct 10, 2011
additional question
by: Jackie

It has not affected his gait or perching, and doesn't seem to bother him at all. However, I am concerned because it is not usual! The avian vet may have to wait for the time being--I just recently lost my job, and money is very tight. If it was an emergency, of course, he would be there immediately. Dr. B--the vaccination you have discussed, none of my birds have ever been vaccinated--the oldest is 15--despite having been to an avian vet. Could this virus be the problem?

Editor's note: No, he was just mentioning that it is a good idea to vaccinate your bird for this.

Oct 10, 2011
Cockatiel nail
by: The Avian Vet

This could have come from an injury or arthritis or a birth defect. If it is not affecting his perching or gait, then don?t worry, but you do need to have your birds checked by an avian veterinarian annually and have them vaccinated for polyomavirus.

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Dr B

Oct 10, 2011
Cockatiel's nail
by: Linda

You will need to take this bird to an Avian Vet and see if they can trim it down some to help it grow correctly. One of my Amazons has an abnormal nail, and avian vet trims it with the rest of her nails to keep it from causing her problems. We take our birds into avian vet to have their nails trimmed and their beaks also if they need it. Do not do either one at home.

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