by luke
(N.S.W sydeny )

i bred some cockatiels and the babies have stopped growing they have been the same size now for nearly 2 weeks and should have nearly been ready to leave the box but they are still only about 2 inches tall and one has hardly no feathers i have bred cockatiels before and had no problem but now i don't know what to do can you help please

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Dec 29, 2008
Cockatiel babies not growing
by: The Vet

Are you hand feeding them or parent raising them?

What formula are you using?

What are their weights doing?

What are you feeding the parents?

Have the parents been examined by an avian veterinarian within the last year? Have they been screened for viruses such as polyoma, PBFD, etc.?

Are the parents vaccinated?

How old are the chicks?

Are there any symptoms besides ?not growing??

What nest box material are you using?

How old are the parents?

Dr B

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