by Olga Teves
(Ajax, Ontario)

I have a pair of cockatiels which have just had babies, they are now 15, 13 and 10 days old. Its seems to me like they are mating again. Is this possible for her to lay eggs now, so soon after the birth of her babies?

The parents have been feeding them, if it is possible, and she does lay eggs, what are the chances of them continuing to feed the babies, or should I get prepared to feed them, and if you think that may be the case, how often would they need to be fed. I work full time 8 1/2 hours a day, would they be able to survive with no feeding for a 9 hour period? Or would I have to show my hubby and or daughter to do it as well.

I also need to know if you have any good ideas to make her stop laying eggs, this is about the 4th clutch of eggs since I have gotten her last summer, mind you this was the first time they were fertile, so maybe they just matured enough, to make them fertile, but I thought she would slow down and give her body a break after the babies were born.

Any Suggestions would help.

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Apr 15, 2009
Cockatiel laying eggs
by: The Vet

Yes it is possible for her to lay more eggs.

If she lays again, she will likely ignore these babies, but I have seen parents sit and feed simultaneously. At this age, they will need to be every 4-5 hours, so start with 4 times daily ? 8am, 12, 4pm 8pm would be the schedule. But within a few days you can go to 3 per day ? 8am, 2pm, 8pm

Take away her nest box. Or, you can consider hormone treatments to stop the eggs. This will require injections every four months. If she lays, the best thing to do is allow her to sit them, but you can prevent them from hatching by boiling or freezing them, then give them back to her so she will not continue to lay during that cycle.

Dr. B

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