cockatile flight on command

by Olga

my 3 year old female cockatiel hasnt been flying all her life. she has always been braking her flight feathers. now she final grew them out completly. how do i tech her to fly to me on comand? she knows how to fly but only when i toss her up then she flyes to the nerest landing place or if she cant grab on to something, she just falls to the ground...
can anyone explane how to teach her to fly to me on comand?

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Sep 10, 2011
cockatile flight on command
by: Linda

You'll have to find a professional bird trainer to help you with this. Your best bet would be to look on the internet for information about bird training and see if you can find information on this.

For the time being, do not take bird outside to train even after she is doing it in the house. Always train birds in an enclosed area from which they cannot escape and fly away because this is what will happen if you just take her outside and let hef go. Once birds fly away, they usually do not come back, so be very careful.

Good luck on finding information you need using the internet.


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