Cockatoo and a Double Yellow Headed?

I have had my double yellow headed amazon for about a year now and im adopting a umbrella cockatoo... do you think that they could ever become friends, and how do i tell? thankkss Quinn.

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Oct 23, 2010
by: june

could anybody tell me why my triton cockatoo who is 16 has just turned nasty and wants to bite, he gets a lot of attention and has a lovely big cagehe wont let me touch him without conflict,thanks

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Aug 01, 2009
by: Linda

Hi, it's me again as I forgot some important information for you.

The Cockatoo will also attack any other bird and can inflict painful and shocking injuries to another bird. As I said, they are very jealous and are basically very sweet to their human friends, and can turn on a bird friend before you even know what is happening. Breeding pairs have been known to kill their mates without provocation. I'm not saying Cockatoos are bad birds, they are kind of like the pit bulls of the parrot world. Very good with humans and possibly very nasty with a bird they view as a threat to their getting enough attention.

Another warning that can save you a bad injury is there is a behavior called passive aggression where they will attack YOU if they cannot attack the other bird. Never carry your Too on your shoulder near your face and eyes. Don't shoulder carry any parrot for that matter. The shoulder gives them way to much power over you.

Also, when you play with and pet each bird, make sure the other one is securely in cage. When finished with one bird, put it up and take the other out. You will need to be especially careful when the new Amazon comes into your home.

Take precautions for your and their safety, and I think you'll be okay.

Please print out my other and this response and put it up where you can see it. Letting your guard down can result in you or them being injured. A friend just called me with problem with bird aggression with a little bitty Goffins Cockatoo. The Goffins has been abused and neglected, and attacked her Ringneck Parakeet with very bad injuries. Cockatoo ravaged Parakeets feet, and she has had to take bird to vet.

Just be ever watchful with your Too and any other birds regardless of their country of origin. Birds are wild animals and will frequently act out unacceptable behaviors because of this. They are all potentially dangerous creatures, so it is important you check out some of Tracie's links to bird training out here as you may need it. Once new bird is in your home, your Cockatoo may resort to screaming and demanding your time and attention, so some training techniques may save your ears and sanity.

Birds are complicated beings with an emotional and mental development of a 4-5 year old human child and will do ANYTHING to ensure that you pay proper attention to them. The Amazon is a bird that is not so needy and more able to be an independent spirit, so don't expect an Amazon to allow excessive petting as they do not like it.

I had one some years ago that I rescued from a bad pet store, and it cost us much money and time to rehab her. She and I were bonded very closely unless I petted her down the back. She would very gently take a finger in her beak which was a warning to STOP.

Some folks get parrots thinking they are an easy pet--most find out the hard way there is nothing easy about having parrots.

Hope this helps you in the future.

Aug 01, 2009
by: Linda

Well, you have set yourself up for a great disappointment. The birds from the Central/Southern region of the world, the Double YH, and the birds from the Australian, Philappine regions do not get along too well(it does not matter if babies are born in the USA and handfed). The Cockatoo is much more emotionally needy than the Amazon, and this is going to cause lots of trouble when the Amazon is brought in. You can help by not spending more time with one than the other, and chances are, they will not like each other at first and maybe not at all. All you can do is try, though I am very concerned about this combination. They could become fast friends too depending on how lonely for a friend your Cockatoo is, so tread lightly here and watch them carefully when outside cage.

Be very careful to never let them out together without constant supervision as either the Cockatoo or the Amazon may decide to get up the face of the other, and you could end up with some painful, expensive injuries.

I think a bird kept alone all the time is also not good, so be sure to always "be there" for these two and never, ever leave them out of cage without you or another trained adult in the room with them to breakup any possible disagreements.

Also make sure they are caged separately forever as these two will not be able to be trusted together.

Keep us posted on progress you are making. This could work out very well, and you and your birds will be in prayers that this is what will happen. Many blessings to you and family.


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