cockatoo attack

by Gail

I just recemtly adopted a 4 yr. old female cockatoo. She has been pretty good until today. My grandson was walking past per and she leaped at him and scratched his face. Is this a fear of children.

I do not know anything about her other than she was mistreated I think, she is all discheveled and has overpreened herself and looks like a worn out mop.

I have a 11 yr old male umbrealla and I keep them in seperate cages as I am not going to breed them. Does anyone have a thought about this or was it a fluke?

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Mar 09, 2009
Cockatoo attacking
by: Tracie

It could be any number of things. The bird may be afraid of kids, it could be something the child was wearing that upset the bird too.

You will need to keep an eye on the bird and keep a diary of what is going on and other details of the situations that the bird gets upset and see if that will help you.

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