Cockatoo, Beak or tongue small amount of bleeding.

by John Fahlsing

ANYBODY? HELP!!! The cockatoo, Princess, about twenty minutes ago started bleeding from her beak area or possibly the tongue? Its not a steady bleed but, I sprayed gently with water to see where and its possible she was cleaning or picking at her beak area with them eagle claws? Anyway, not bleeding steady, mostly build up in a a few seconds or more, and she shakes it off and on me or her sheet, (Nitetime cover) Seems to be in good spirits and yes I'm the one freaking out. Can't take her to vet, and all i have is clean water.

Just gave her a cool damp clean white sock and she will chew it a bit, and let me clean her up and she went right to her perch. I think its slowed to almost a stop.
Just never saw this before and I know its a freak thing. So hope is up and fear is down.

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Feb 17, 2013
Bleeding Cockatoo
by: Alex

John, Why can't you take her to a vet?

When we take on the responsibility of a pet we take on the responsibility of it's protection from harm, it's welfare and medical needs.

When an animal is injured it is against the law not to get it medical care, especially during an emergency like this.

We may sound a bit crazy saying the word EMERGENCY about a small amount of blood, but a small amount of blood to us can be dangerous blood loss for a bird who only has a tiny amount of blood in it's body (few ml)

Please get your bird the urgent medical attention it needs or it could kill your bird and the blood will keep coming out whenever the wound site gets disturbed.

Feb 16, 2013
Cockatoo, Beak or tongue small amount of bleeding.
by: Linda

Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but this will happen again, and next time results may end up with your bird dead.

Your bird's beak is possibly too long with a point on the end. When this point breaks off from falling on something, it can start a bleed. Birds bleed out from the beak.

You also mentioned eagle claws which sounds like her nails are also overgrown. You will have to find a realiable Avian Vet or another vet with some experience with trimming nails and beak to get this taken care of. Long nails are also a danger to birds in that they can get them caught in any manner of objects.

Below is a link for help in finding an Avian Vet which is the only vet licensed and trained in the care of birds. When we have birds, we also have to have an avian vet for when they are injured or sick. This is not optional, and can be the issue that saves your bird's life or not.

Find an Avian Vet link

As for what's happening right now, bleeding from anywhere is an emergency situation. The beak may stop bleeding or it may continue to bleed everytime she eats or plays with anything. Birds have very small amount of blood, so losing any at all is a critical matter. You are right to be freaking out because your bird could die right now without the help of an avian vet to shape up the beak and nails.


Feb 16, 2013
Cockatoo, Beak or tongue small amount of bleeding.
by: Sandra

Hi there, why can't you take her to the vet? you didn't say but these kind of things need to go to an Avian vet immediately because your bird could loose its precious life!
Anyhow according to what you said it seems as though her nails could've cut her tongue. I don't think you should use water though. The best thing right now is to see if it is her tongue that is cut and if it is, put a little corn flour and that will stop the bleeding. Whether it is her beak or tongue the corn flour will stop the bleeding. Take care and God bless you both.

Sandra Toronto.

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