Cockatoo Eating Paper

by David Simmons
(Monrovia, CA)

My 12 month old umbrella cockatoo will chew on paper (paper towels and tissue). I believe she is ingesting some of the paper. Is it bad for her?

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Jan 31, 2012
Cockatoo eating paper is dangerous
by: Tracie

Yes, this is a problem. Your bird could get an impacted crop along with who knows what chemicals are in the paper and the bird should be filling up on 80% healthy pellets like Harrison's or Roudybush and NOT paper.

Please do not allow your bird to roam your home. Your bird could die a slow painful death if it gets into something toxic. Even the dye in your carpet is toxic, the metal in your ceiling fan is likely toxic if the bird licks something off of it.

Thanks for asking this question. We have a Toxic / Non-toxic for birds list that you can use as a guide for making a bird safe room, if you wish for your bird to have a room it can roam around in without eating or chewing something harmful.

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