Cockatoo Help Please.

Hello I have been thinking for some time now about purchasing a Cockatoo,I am interested in a Moluccan Cockatoo or a Umbrella Cockatoo.I have a African Grey and a Galah.I used to own a Macaw.Which I had for 8 years,but I let the Macaw go to a Sanctuary called Parrot Zoo,as my Macaw became very aggressive,I was told by a number of breeders this could have been caused by hormones,It broke my heart having to let the Macaw go,I even asked for him back at one point but of course that was not possible.

I love my Galahs personality,The Grey is a little more distant and quieter,I miss a parrot that is a bit more feisty like my Macaw was.I have heard the Moluccans can be jealous and aggressive when older,I heard that the Umbrella can be very noisy,and that both parrots are very destructive in the home.

Please could any one tell me some home truths about these two parrots,I have been to see these parrots in the flesh,and was taken by the Moluccan.but I am being held back by indecision and true facts,Hoping to buy next year,Will take all advice very seriously.Thank you for any help you can give me.

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Nov 21, 2011
Cockatoo help.
by: Anonymous

Hi Linda,Thank you for your comment.I had to give my Macaw up,because he was attacking me,to the point where I would have defiantly had to receive stitches.The Macaw would not allow any one at all into the house,and attacked my small dog all so,who I may add was petrified of the macaw,and always gave it a large berth.The macaw also started to go upstairs,which he had never done before,he would then stand guard,wings spread open and beak also open,ready for action.I have children,The situation was out of control.For our own safety I had to let the macaw go.But as you said,their could; have bee other factors for his aggression, I lived in Spain,where I brought him,He lived a happy and very social life,He lived mostly out side,and free,Their was never a problem with neighbours,Every one loved him.I had to come back to England,of course my beloved macaw came to.I had to work full time at first,I work part time now,One Neighbour started to complain about the macaw making a noise,which was very little,my macaw was not a noisy macaw,The police kept telling me to keep the macaw in,I did try to keep him in as much as I could.When the Macaw started to become extremely aggressive,I thought about keeping him in his cage for a time, in case it was hormones,but he bashed his head on the bars of the cage repeatedly,I knew the only option was to let him go,to live in freedom with other macaws,I took time to pick a good sanctuary,I had lots of contact with the keepers,and up dates which proved positive,to wards my decision.It broke my heart letting him go.I don't think I will ever get over it.I would like to know why did it all go wrong,It may be possible that the change from Spain to England Could have caused the change in behaviour.Even now I wished I had him with me,

Nov 19, 2011
cockatoo help
by: Anonymous

I have to add another comment to this. You say that you would be too afraid to get a rescue bird, that it might have problems.

Yes, most likely it will, as most rescue birds have "baggage" because of it's past.

You may also have problems with a baby bird as it gets older.

In this case, I would just be satisfied with what you have now. ALL birds can have problems, regardless of whether they are rescues or babies.

Nov 19, 2011
Cockatoo Help Please.
by: Linda

Hi. I was tooling around out here and found this question. I thought I could help make things easier for you.

If you are happy with the birds you presently have, then it may be a good idea to leave it that way.

I've raised and trained Macaws including older wild caught ones from the jungle, and I've never seen one who couldn't be helped with training even if it meant getting a professional to help me figure out the right way to go. Being hormonal does not make a parrot that aggressive all by itself. Other factors are always in play. Some of the rescues who have been abused, neglected and outright hated can become especially aggressive. If you get a rescue know upfront that more than likely the bird will hate you, and this could change in time, but you have to know it may not. I have a friend who runs Safe Haven, a parrot rescue, and she has a number of birds who have lived horrible lives suffering at the hands of sadistic humans. She knows they will never fully trust her, though she's made a lot of progress with most of them in that they'll allow her to clean cage and change food and water without attacking. What I'm getting at here is the large Cockatoo you seem to want could be aggressive or get that way. What will you do then? Will you throw another bird away or wlll you try and find alternatives to help this bird when it needs you the most? The most unlovable bird is the one who needs the most love.

If your Macaw never outright attacked you, then there was hope of retraining him to behave. When I say attack, I mean one where you may have to get stitches to repair the damage. You don't stop loving a bird like this and in fact you have to love it more. You also have to find professional help to re-train bird or to help you find out why it became aggressive in the first place.

So, to recap. Don't get anymore birds unless you're willing to do everything in your power to take a bird from aggressive to being a trusted member of the family. There are many reasons for sudden aggression, and if you are getting anymore parrots, know that most problems can be taken care of with enough determination and commitment. The shelters are full of birds and not all shelters are havens. A large majority of them are hell sometimes as bad as the abusive, neglectful or misunderstanding households they came out of in the first place.

Just some things to think about. Unless you are aware that ALL parrots can become aggressive and downright dangerous, you do not need anymore than those you have. Rescue birds who have been moved from home to home will be on the side of fed up with humans, and wlll see you as just another human to deal with.It can take years to get a small amount of trust back.

Nov 18, 2011
cockatoo choice.
by: Anonymous

Thank you for your advice,It was very helpful,Although It was more a less how the internet describes the cockatoo species,I think I have read every thing the net has to say about them,As for a rescue bird,I would be to afraid I was getting a problem bird.Please all comments welcome.Thanks.

Nov 16, 2011
by: Anonymous

Before you decide on a cockatoo, you should do alot of research. I have 6 cockatoos and they are not just for anyone.

The moluccans can be very aggressive during the hormonal season and both species can be very loveable, yet very jealous.

Yes, they can be very destructive and can also harm other birds as well, as with any large breed.

Just do your research and keep researching. Take into consideration the extra expense, vet costs, food, large cage, toys, etc. Cockatoos have a tendency to pluck and mutilate also.

In the end if you decide to get one, I would suggest going to a rescue and spending time with both breeds and if you decide, think about adopting an unwanted one, rather than buying a baby and promoting the breeding.

The sanctuaries are full of cockatoos that need forever homes. Also these birds live a very long time with the right care.

Good luck in your decision.

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