Cockatoo missing feathers

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I have a greater sulfur crested cockatoo that seems healthy enough except for the absence of quite a few feathers.At a glance he is fine but when you part his feathers down the front he has a inch and a half bald stripe from crop to vent.The same on the neck under the ears to the shoulder,or under the wings if you follow the arms from armpit to wing tip they are bald.No feather follicals to be found.

I am thinking that perhaps he had that feather sickness that is incurable and common in cockatoos called beak and feather.That he built immunity to it after loosing some feathers and is now a carrier?Please help me .Is it possible to test for that at the time of sexing from the dna? Thanks

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Sep 24, 2010
Cockatoo missing feathers
by: Linda

Please take your bird to an Avian Vet immediately to be checked for Beak and Feather disease or other physical problems. This disease is fatal 100% of the time as the parrots do not build up any immunity to it. This disease is deadly and highly contageous to other birds, so get it to the Avian Vet now to be checked. DNA test can be done after you find out whether your bird is fatally ill or not.

You seem to not understand the seriousness of the disease, so I'm attaching a link to an article about it so you may understand how deadly it is. Also, once a bird dies of it in your home, you have to go over every square inch of your entire home and have the results tested as it lingers in places for 5 years or more. I'm talking about walls, floors, baseboards, ceilings, and all the other places on and in furniture. It is a death sentence to any new bird, so the checking and testing has to be thorough and rigorous. Your Avian Vet can talk more about it with you if your bird is unlucky enough to have it. If it is found, the breeder/store has to be notified because every bird will be infected with it. Avian Vet may also notify the health department because this will kill entire flocks of chickens and turkeys plus leave premises covered with the infection.

PBFD, how long will it linger in a home?

The above information came from a lady whose bird had been diagnosed with this disease who wrote into ask how long it stays in the environment. You can also find more information on the internet by doing a search on Parrot Beak and Feather Disease. I certainly hope your precious bird is not infected with this because all you can do is offer supportive care to bird as it will die from this. You can find more about prognosis in relation to time by talking with Avian Vet or looking it up on the internet.

Right now, get your bird to Avian Vet for a thorough exam for that or other physical problems, and let us know how everything goes. Our prayers are with you, and hopefully, this is not as serious as Beak and Feather disease.


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