Cockatoo noise

by A E

how often does a cockatoo make noise over the corse of a day? and how can u stop them?

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Aug 26, 2011
semi tamed
by: Anonymous

our cockatoo is semi tamed how long does it take to train him to get use to every and he also picks his feet really bad and has pulled most of his skin off

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Mar 16, 2011
Noisy cockatoo
by: Anonymous

My neighbour has q noisy cockatoo which lives beside my alfresco area we can't even sit there have got any solution kind regards Chandler

Editor's note: We don't post phone numbers. The only solution is your working this out with your neighbor. If the bird is outside, you might do research on all the diseases the bird can get from other wild birds, and talk him into bringing the bird inside. ;-)

Sep 15, 2009
can eny 1 tel me y
by: Anonymous

am got a cocktoo a yelow neck 1 he make a lot of noise in the morning after noon dnt no y he quite after 9pm he only like me but some time he too loud if u make a loud soud he will go louder ? can eny 1 tel me what i can do

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Jul 23, 2009
by: Linda

What kind of noise are you talking about? A Cockatoo will yell and scream if they are not getting enough food, toys and most importantly, time with you. The Cockatoos are highly emotional birds who are also very emotionally dependent on their people to give them love and attention.

Find out what is wrong that she screams all the time. Is she locked away in another room away from you? Does she get enough time outside her cage? Is she eating a high quality pelleted diet, so her nutritional needs are met? Has she been to see the vet in the last year? If not, you need to make appointment with an Avian vet and have her checked out to see if she is ill.

Parrots are not wind-up toys where we can take out the batteries if we want them to be quiet. We have to investigate WHY they make a lot of noise. First stop needs to be the vet, and Tracie has some links to bird training information on this site to help you better understand your bird.

Birds need plenty of rest, about 12 hours of darkness a night and about the same amount of daylight. They also need lots of time outside their cage, and they need supervision anytime they are out of their cages as they can get into trouble if not watched. They also need a large enough cage where they are comfortable and can fully extend their wings out and even do a little wing flapping if they wish. They need toys suitable for their size and these need to be changed out at least every other month as birds get bored with same old toys. They also need natural wood perches like branches so their feet and legs don't hurt all the time.

Take a good long look at how your bird lives, what she eats, what kind of wood she has to stand on for hours and hours at a time, and take her to the vet at least once a year for a complete checkup to make sure she is healthy.

Also, do some study on training methods you find out here as well as general information about the Cockatoo. They are complicated birds who will yell and scream until their basic needs are met. Once it becomes a habit, then you will need to learn about training methods.

Let us know how it goes after she goes to the vet, and you have gone over all the things I mentioned here. Count yourself lucky to have a bird such as this one, and respect her for who she is. If you don't know who she is, then get busy finding out from the internet, this site, other people and books. Birds have the emotional and mental development of 4-5 year old children which makes them interesting and an honor to know.

Jul 23, 2009
Noisy cockatoos
by: Anonymous


I have two umbrellas and they both can be quite noisy. I have noticed hat if they have enough toys then they are much better as well as they do NOT like the TV on after 8 P.M. There are also times when I am just preparing dinner and then they both start in. Even when they have their own food they get super excited at dinner. Once they see their plates are also brought out for spaghetti then they simmer down. If they keep it up after that then I get out the spray bottle, which they don't like and I just have to show it to them and place it on the table and they know.
SUPER SMART BIRDS. One has learnt to open a combination lock.

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