cockatoo scared

by alex

why is my cockatoo scared of my hand and other things that shes never been scared of when she was younger?

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Oct 16, 2011
scared african gray
by: henk

my bird have the same problem.i dont know what to do..he was tamed when he whas younger but now(6 months)after i adopped him hes scared to death...he also dont whant to eat healthy food..

Oct 12, 2011
cockatoo scared
by: Linda

You will need to send much more information than you have.

We need to know all about your home, family, other pets and what kind of cage bird is kept in, what kind of food it's eating and if it appears to be sick as sick birds will change behaviors to something they don't usually do.

In the case of possible illness, your bird has to be taken to an Avian Vet not a regular dog and cat vet. Your bird may be sick, and we recommend yearly visits to Avian Vet to make sure all is well, so now would be a good time.

Let us know how it's going and send much more information.


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