Cockatoo Screamer!!!!!

I have had my 30 year old cockatoo for a year and a half. Recently he started screaming whenever we have guests in the house and has to be shut in one of the bedrooms in order for us to visit. He screams the whole time they are here and as soon as they leave he stops.

He has known all these people since he arrived in our home and didn't do this until a couple months ago. I do not know his history as he was dropped off at an animal shelter in Colorado by an unknown person. I do not want to rehome him again!

He used to come out of his cage, sit on my shoulder, step up without hesitation and walk around the house, even when strangers were in the house. Now he has become aggesive towards me by lunging and trying to bite. will not step up, can't be trusted out of the cage when husband is home as he chases and bites him (which he never did before) and has become VERY cage aggressive when I am trying to clean it.

i have read all kinds of books and tried many different things and nothing is working. Please HELP!!! My husband is getting fed up!

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Mar 02, 2013
Just like me
by: Anonymous

Got the same problem here. We are going nuts. Some days are real bad. Thanks for posting, it was helpful seeing O am not on this boat alone. I LOVE HER TOO MUCH TO GIVE AWAY. Last week he said, Its me or the bird. I PLACED THE ADS, i cried. Now he says I can keep her. Any help out there?

Jan 26, 2012
Cockatoo Screamer!!!!!
by: Linda

Considering his age, it would be a good idea to have him checked out by an Avian Vet because sudden changes in behavior can be the result of illness. If the bird is having a physical problem, he will be hard to handle. Male Cockatoos are normally more aggressive than the females, but this is such different behavior that a good checkup complete with basic bloodwork to see how organs are functioning would be a very good idea. We suggest yearly visits to make sure birds are healthy, and with the older ones, it becomes absolutely necessary to do this.

Let us know what the Avian Vet has to say, and they can probably help you with some things as well. The very fact that he was "dropped off" at a shelter indicates he may have some deeply rooted problems. After vet checks him out, there are some training materials on this site, and you may have to engage a parrot behaviorist/trainer for a while to get him back on the right path.

These large birds can be and are dangerous which you have seen just a little bit of, so ask your avian vet for a referral to someone who works with parrot behavior in your area to help. An outside pair of eyes and ears is sometimes just the thing to help unravel these kinds of problems. Keep in mind that your bird has probably been neglected and/or abused during his 30 years and try to keep that in mind when becoming so exhausted with his behavior. If he's sick, the behavior will stop once he's been diagnosed and treated.Lots of people pass these birds around without ever getting to the bottom of problems which only compounds the problems for the next caretaker meaning this kind of bird is open for abuse and most certainly neglect.

I like the fact that you don't want to re-home him which shows a higher level of commitment on your part. This is what it takes with troubled parrots who have been shuffled here and there all their lives because no one wanted to do the work. I hope you and husband decide to do the work because you CAN have your sweet boy back, and it may not be easy, and WILL be very worthwhile to see him and yourselves happy again.

Keep us posted,
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Jan 25, 2012
by: Anonymous

I also have a citron who screams constantly when someone is here and can't be trusted with anyone else but me.

My goffin attacked me yesterday and she has never done that before.

This is the breeding season for the cockatoos and they can be very unpredictable this time of year. Also if your Too isn't clipped, I find this can be a problem also. If I let my birds wings grow out so they can fly, they become very unpredictable, so I have to clip.

Also, the screaming most likely, is because your Too is jealous and by screaming, he/she thinks she can get attention. The Toos are love sponges and can be very jealous of other people, pets, etc. Give it some time and I'm sure it will be back to normal.

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