cockatoo spilling all of her

by Gianna Russo
(Shelton, CT)

I am having trouble with one of my parrots and her food dish. She is spilling out more than what she is eating. I think it is due to her being a little "special" She lost one of her talons when she was born so a lot of food that she picks up , she drops. I have 2 African greys, 1 blue front amazon and an umbrella cockatoo. The cockatoo is the one having the problem. All of your products she can not break, bite through. There has been only one thing that she was able to eat from without losing her food and it was a cockatiel bird bath. I need something to hold her food in but it big enough and not something she can break.....any ideas, please help!

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Aug 24, 2009
cockatoo spilling her food
by: Anonymous

my cockatoo would push his bowl right out of it's holder the bowl is metal so i drilled a hole in the side of the bowl near the top and bought a locking clamp and hook it through the bowl right to the cage works great.

Dec 17, 2007
Parrot Food Dish suggestion
by: Tracie

Hello Gianna,

Since Cockatoos can be so destructive, it can be difficult to find a dish that can not be destroyed, broken or tipped.

The only solution I can come up with at this time is an expensive one. The cages on this site all have a bar over the back of the dish that keep them from being removed from the inside. Not a quick solution either though.

Hopefully other Cockatoo owners will respond to your question and have a quick and inexpensive solution.

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