Cockatoo with swollen joint

by Holly

Hi there, I have a friend who owns a cockatoo and it has a really swollen, hot ankle joint. It has been like this for a week and has been put on various antibiotics and anti inflammatories by his local veterinary surgeon. The swelling hasn't gone down and he really doesn't want to use the foot. It is not broken but we just don't know what could be wrong and were wondering if you could help.

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Jul 07, 2010
Cockatoo with swollen joint
by: Linda

As Doctor B said, this is a job for an Avian Vet and not a regular vet who is not licensed or trained in the care, diagnosis and treatment of birds. This bird needs help immediately or this could result in loss of leg and/or death from infection.


Jul 06, 2010
Swollen joint on Cockatoo
by: The Avian Vet

Have x-rays been taken? If not, it could be broken. It may also be infected. This is something that may need surgery. A catheter can be placed and antibiotics flushed in. The fluid can also be drained and cultured to see what is causing the inflammation or infection.

Dr B

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